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5 Reasons why you should print your photos.

It's the only medium, where you don't need another medium to view it

It’s great to be able to share pictures digitally, but when it comes to appreciating a photo and experiencing the memory of the story behind it, nothing can beat a real photograph. It’s something that you can touch, feel and pass down to your children and grandchildren.

Shared through generations

Sometimes photographs are for the benefit of your children and their children. They’ll be able to hold it in their hands knowing that you did as well, adding their own fingerprints to yours. Photos are a generational legacy that give us a connection in life and through time that is more rooted in reality and more elegantly personal than a digitally transferred file will ever be.

You invested time, why hide them?

You spent a lot of time preparing for your family shoot or newborn photos session, and the photos look great, so why hide them in a computer? Photographs have the greatest impact when they are visible! Like any work of art, a photograph adds beauty, meaning and memory to your environment, but it’s first up to you to put it in a place that affects you in the best way possible. Keeping your photos hidden in a maze of digital files is almost certainly not that place! The best way to do this is to leave your photos in a place where they can become a part of your environment, whether that’s on a wall, an album, or a box on a coffee table.

It's tangible. Who knows how long a digital file may last

There’s permanence to having a physical photo that brings the art to life in a way that digital screens just aren’t able to. If you want your photographs to do what they were created to do, you’ll have to get them out of that computer and into a frame or album! The wonderful thing about a physical photograph is that it is a real piece of your life preserved for the future. You know that the photograph you hold in your hand is truly an artefact of your past.

Nothing digital is forever

Phones can be lost and hard drives can fail, and if that happens your photographs and the memories they evoke will sadly be lost forever. It’s great to have a digital backup, but nothing is as reliable as the real thing. Getting prints done will take some time and cost a bit, but it’s far less expensive than losing memories.

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