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Can't believe she is now One!

Donut Smash First Birthday Photoshoot

Where does the time go? Time sure has flown by this past year. My baby girl is all grown up and no longer a newborn :( We decided to do something special in the studio for her and have a donut smash to keep in theme with her nursery/bedroom. I think she loved every minute of it.

People always ask, how do we get such cute smiling photos of babies and their cake smashes. They've tried and all the baby wants to do is cry. The trick is to get the baby use to the idea of sweets a couple weeks prior to photoshoot day. That way, baby is not shocked with sweetness. Another trick is to always come prepared with songs that baby is familiar with and enjoys dancing to. This helps the baby to feel more relaxed and enjoy the experience.

At the studio we are always looking for ways to accommodate you baby's needs or create new creative ways to bring in baby's first birthday celebration. An alternative to a cake smash may be a watermelon smash or a messy paint theme. Possibilities are endless.

Schedule your baby's first birthday with these timeless photos.

Donuts are from The Sunshine Doughnut Company in Burlington, ON

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