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Understanding a Photographers Pricing

I often see comments from new parents or soon to be parents on social media sites that photographers are charging way to much to just take photographs of their child. First of all pricing and budget is all relevant to how one person perceives value. Everyone has a budget in mind and there will always be a photographer that can work within your budget. There is nothing wrong with having a lower budget, but you as a parent should be aware of certain things to look for when deciding on a photographer. I know first hand that kids can be expensive and a huge budget may not be in my cards to play.

Now speaking from a photographers point of view and how we justify our pricing structures.

Things we do to provide better service.

- Constantly studying new posing and wrapping techniques with workshops and courses

- Always buying new props and backgrounds

- Learning about safe handling of babies

- Providing a safe studio for you and your family to feel comfortable in

- Software to provide great edited images, ease of viewing for you to order a select your images.

These are just a few of the expenses that goes into a photoshoot with a professional photographer. Things do not come cheap to photographers that really want to provide the best services for their clients.

Our pricing is based on many factors to provide a stable living for ourselves as well. Sure a few hundred dollars seems like a lot of money up front, but take into consideration the point of view from a photographer.

- We are self employed

- We do not have employment insurance or health benefits

- This is not a steady paycheque

- Taking the photographs is only 10% of what we actually do. Rest is spent on editing, marketing, sales, developing contracts, interacting with clients and much more.

- We have a lot of expenses to pay

So next time you are looking for that right photographer for you. Consider the following and not just pricing.

- Does their portfolio match your taste

- Do they have credentials and awards

- Years of experience

- Are they a member of a relevant association

- Do they offer any additional products or services that you might be interested in

- What safety measures do they take to ensure safe handling of your baby

Your baby is your most valuable possession. Don't risk your child's safety to save a dollar.

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