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5 Things I use in my studio to keep babies calm and sleepy

Sleeping baby on mini bed

Parents always say that I am a "baby whisperer" and that I am so good at handling babies and getting them to sleep. I like to create a relaxing environment for both the baby and the parents to come into. Most new parents are tired and mentally exhausted and just want a few moments to sit back a relax a little. I would like to share with you some items I use to help create that relaxing baby spa experience. These items or techniques may not always work, but they certainly help.

This little portable device is perfect for white noise. My favourite feature on it, is that it has the option to not turn off automatically. I found a lot of the machines have a 15-45 minute auto-off feature on it, which can get annoying to keep going back to turn on.

Tired of always shushing? Well this little device does it for you. Babies love that sound of a shhhhh. I use this mostly when I am posing to help not disturb baby.

3) Spa Music

I love to create that relaxing environment for parents to come walking into. I want them to feel comfortable and relaxed. That energy is then passed onto the baby and baby now feels comfortable in a strange new place. No particular spa music is used, however I prefer music with rain, waves and soft flutes.

4) Warm Room Temperature

Right away, walking into the studio you will notice the temperature is a little above average. I like to keep the temperature around 25-28 degrees celsius. This is pending what type of posing I plan on doing. I keep it a little cooler if I plan on doing a lot of wrapping techniques. When posing baby naked, they like to feel nice and toasty warm. A cool baby may cause them to tuck their arms and legs in more.

5) Lavender Essential Oil

Before a session I use a nebulizer to release a lavender aroma in the air. Lavender is very calming to inhale. I don't want to overwhelm parents with a strong smell, that is why I do it before a session and just a little so that its subtle.

Hope that you can take these ideas home with you and possibly use them for bed time. I have had multiple times where parents fall asleep in the studio. It's normal and I don't mind.

Enjoy these tips!!!

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